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Tastefully Erotic Lingerie


Our new line of  burlesque lingerie that features in Burlexe's cabaret shows in London.

Nearer the Moon have worked with Burlexe since 2013 and now we’re launching a range of unique burlesque lingerie together. It can be spotted as part of the performers burlesque costumes in their new show, This Is Burlexe.

Nearer the Moon has developed an exquisite line of products that are both sexy and classic. They draw on burlesque inspiration (of course!) as well as iconic looks from the likes of Sofia Loren and Madonna.

See the inspirations behind the Burlexe burlesque lingerie range on Pinterest.

The new burlesque lingerie line features an elegant bodysuit, a contemporary take on the bullet bra and cute frilly pants. There’s also an innovative net robe-dress which can be worn over these sexy looks. Ideal for outerwear or the boudoir; for yours and your partner’s pleasure.

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