Collection: Mystery Lingerie Sets

Nearer the Moon is a brand trying to reduce wastage within the fashion industry. Unfortunately, being in the intimates industry does not make this an easy task!

A requirement for specialist metal components, performance fabrics and a broad size matrix means options that the rest of the indie fashion industry can incorporate into their manufacture and resource procurement (such as up-cycling or using solely natural fibres) are just not practical or possible. 

Like most designers, Tilly has a large collection - or stash as it's colloquially known - of stunning fabrics. Some kept from her own studies over 16 years ago, some donated from companies going out of business, some from past projects and some roll ends and remnants. 

And so, instead of buying fabrics (however local, natural or ex-designer saved from landfill they might be) Tilly has decided to use this collection to offer unique lingerie pieces at a lower price than custom Nearer the Moon lingerie but with all the excitement.

You can choose the general colour theme and size and the rest is a surprise until it turns up in your letterbox 4-6 weeks later. Click through each set to see the current colours available and examples of these styles made in the past. Custom sizing on these sets is not available at this time. 

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