Nearer The Moon is the British lingerie brand making the everyday, erotic. 

Lingerie lovers of all ages, genders and body shapes order Nearer The Moon collections as soon as they launch, and the brand is also in high demand for editorial shoots.

Designed with the female gaze and more importantly the wearer in mind, Nearer the Moon is for anyone who wants to wear it. Our inbox is a safe space to ask questions, whatever your requirements.

Tilly Tomkins' launched Nearer the Moon in 2011 combining her love of burlesque, greek mythology and dirty books with the skills learnt at De Montfort University's renowned Contour Fashion course.

Sexy doesn't have to mean serious...

Kitsch details, motifs and accessories mean you can be playful and powerful, sexy but not always serious, have fun!

Designed for lovers who run free, but also sometimes want to be tied down, because there’s nothing sexier than experimentation. These are pieces that empower you to express your magick sexuality in all its forms, and encourage you to enhance your pleasure, your way. 

With dress sizes 6-22 and bra sizes 30-40 A-F in our core range, and custom pieces available on application, you'll find the perfect set.