Nearer The Moon X Burlexe

You might have seen a lot of talk about burlesque show and brand Burlexe on our social media recently and wondered what it was all about, well here's a little explanation! 

We have been working behind the scenes with Burlexe intermittently over the last three years, first providing them with nipple pasties for their online store, then a special version of our quarter cup bra in their classic pink and black colour way adorned with mini jet black Swarovski crystals. 


Burlexe took a little break over the last year, perfecting the acts, changing the venue and (here's where we come in!) creating a set of costumes based on a modern interpretation of vintage styles, much like the ethos of the whole show.



We worked with Howard, the producer, to develop a four piece capsule collection that was versatile for the performers and would be suitable for patrons wanting a taste of the burlesque action to purchase after the show. 

The show debuted last night at Cecils, London, UK to great success! Compere Kele Le Roc wore every single piece (what a star!), burlesque artist Peggy De Lune wore the V wire bodysuit whilst teaching audience members the tricky art of glove removal and Emma Fisher wore the Bullet Bra to great effect during her slam poetry act. 

We will be releasing details on how you can buy these show stopping pieces as soon as possible!

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