Custom Lingerie from Nearer The Moon

Custom Lingerie from Nearer The Moon

*Edited February 2019*

I have recently updated the way the custom lingerie process works at Nearer The Moon, for more up to date information please email or take a look at the Made to Measure page. 


Did you know that here at Nearer The Moon we can offer custom made lingerie?

Thanks to all designing and manufacturing taking place in house, we can alter patterns, use different fabrics or just change the colours of ribbons usually without any extra charge to you. 

The Possibilities

Pictured above is the Geiger Overwire Bra and Bloomers in a lace fabric selected by the customer. 


This is a blue version of the Spanking Shorts with a custom triangle bra to match. 


For customers outside of our normal size range, we have made custom garments like this crop top in a 30GG so she had a top to wear with our bunny tie side knickers. 

We also take great delight in creating completely unique pieces with careful planning, fit sessions if possible and the chance for you to receive samples of the fabrics for approval. 

This is now worn by a showgirl in Miami, a powernet base with carefully draped and handstitched fringing and wide metallic bands to hug the body. 


This was possible our most "out there" custom garment for a bride who wanted to surprise her husband on their wedding night. She wanted to buy something for him that was still luxury fabrics, a custom fit and was ethically made. 

The Process

You can start the process of ordering a custom garment with a simple e-mail to

The more information you can give, the smoother the whole process becomes but it's a good idea to start with garments of ours that have caught your eye and are the most similar to what you want to order. 

Vintage lingerie images are helpful if that's what you require but please don't send images of another company's lingerie as we will have to decline copying someone else.

Sketches are also really fun and very helpful to receive. 

Measurements are necessary to start the designing process so we can deal with any structural needs from the start - usually a dress size and bra size will suffice at this stage.

Then the fun part - we sketch out your ideas for you and send them back for approval - usually within a week or so. See below for some examples of sketches...

Burlesque costumes, with pricing and annotation to help decide between designs.


This customer wanted lots of detail heavy designs with bold colours to choose from. 


This set sadly never got made - what a shame! It was a take on the Overwire bra to match a burlesque act. 

Once the sketch is approved or the design has been selected you will be asked to provide specific measurements - best taken with a fabric tape measure. Alternatively if you are London based we can come and fit you at home or work. 

For a small fee we send out fit samples - this is useful for costumes in particular - so you can be sure you will be happy with the finished product. 

Custom items generally take 6-8 weeks to complete so we can source the exact components and make sure the fit is perfect so if you are planning on ordering your own bespoke lingerie be sure to leave enough time! 

We have had so many happy customers who have ordered custom garments from Nearer The Moon - here is a link to a review on The Lingerie Addict by Holly from Full Figured Chest - she ordered a completely custom robe in bespoke sizing. 

Above is a review of the Lana Bodysuit in a bespoke 18-20 sizing.

For more examples of custom work take a look at this facebook album and feel free to contact us with any enquiries for custom lingerie. 




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