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Hello! Tilly here to let you know a bit more about our KickStarter project...

As it currently stands the campaign is officially £986 pledged towards the target (and £1186 unofficially which will be added asap). This is an absolutely amazing response and I am so happy you have taken this project to heart. 

Whether you want to support independent business, diversified UK high streets or just get a little discount on hand crafted lingerie, this is the KickStarter for you. 

I decided to use crowdfunding to fund the next stage of the business after looking at other funding options and feeling wholly dissatisfied. This is a project that has arisen very quickly and needed to be pounced on, applying to Creative Arts funds with deadlines months in the future or bank loans with set repayments that may be difficult to meet was not an option this time. 

I've been looking for opportunities to connect with customers in person in a mainstream fashion location for the last 6 months in order to convey the quality and craftsmanship in the lingerie I create.

After applying to trade at the Brick Lane markets, Nearer The Moon was instead offered an amazing opportunity to trade in the brand new "Rinse Showrooms" in the Brick Lane area of London. 

New front door!

Our potential new front door! 

I have extensive luxury retail sales experience and know that with access to the right customers in the right location I can push Nearer The Moon to the next level. 

Having a semi-permanent showroom style space will not only benefit Nearer The Moon customers in London or the UK. It will be a way to create more capital to fund bigger, better and more intricate collections to sell online and it will provide a space for press and buyers to see the collection in person hopefully creating further reach for the company.

The fun part! The rewards offered have been designed to give experiences over and above discounted underwear to enable you to get closer to the brand and feel invested in the company you'll be backing. 

Twin Peaks collection

Preview the new Twin Peaks collection with cake and bubbles! 

I spent some time developing ways you can get involved - I've developed a lesson on how to make the basic suspender belt, 3 graded patterns (you can choose one) of some of the best selling designs that you can create with a domestic sewing machine and a preview of the new twin peaks collection at my home studio along with some cakes and bubbles.

Basic Suspender Belt

Learn how to make this in a 2 hour 1-1 lesson with me! 

There are two fantastic entry rewards for £5 (~$7) a playlist using songs from and inspired by my burlesque performances with the Demon Belles in Leicester and a selection of glossy postcards with images from past photoshoots. You can even pledge from just £1 and that will still be an amazing help! 


Lingerie rewards include the chiffon restraint scarf, ouvert string, heart pasties and Lana bodysuit all with a discount and free UK shipping. 

Ouvert and Pasties

The reward for a £30 pledge

The piece de resistance is a custom lingerie set for just £200. This is a truly crazy discount - I have even been advised to remove this reward as it is so deeply discounted - but I feel this is a great way to drive traffic to the KickStarter while also offering true value to our pledgers and customers. There were only three of these available when I launched the campaign and one has already been snapped up. There's just 12 days left to take advantage of this reward. 

Custom Lingerie

Custom lingerie created for the Lingerie Secret Santa in 2014

I welcome any shares, particularly in likeminded fashion or crowdfunding groups, pledges (even £1 will help!) and other support you can give. This can't happen without my loyal customer's support I have only got this far because of you and it's time to take the next step together...

Cassie Kickstarter

Thank you! 

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