Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearer The Moon

Where's my order?

All Nearer The Moon items are handmade to order unless specifically stated in the product description. This means the minimum time from ordering to your product being shipped is 2 weeks, generally it's more like 3 weeks and at busy times and for custom items this increases to a maximum of 6. After I have a few products ready to ship I go to my local post office (usually every 2-3 days) if your order is going to the UK, it will arrive within 1-2 business days, if elsewhere it is anything from 5-14 business days (plus any delays at customs). See >>here<< for more delivery information 


Can you make *this* in my size?

Depending on what *this* is, yes most likely. It is always worth getting in touch if you see something you like that isn't available in your size. You can e-mail me to ask: tilly [at] nearerthemoon [dot] com. 


Why don't you make this in my size?

If I can't make something in your size it will usually be for one of the following reasons:

  • I don't have any/enough or the fabric left and the sizes listed have already been made.
  • The design or fabric or components used are not suitable for a bigger size. 
  • I can't source the size wires you need.


I have an idea, can you make it for me? 

Yes! Although please don't send pictures from other brands and ask for an exact copy. Inspiration pics are fine but copyright infringement is not. 


Why don't you make this anymore?

Usually when a product is retired it's because I can't source one or more of the components, the product didn't sell well or I had a lot of orders for it in a short space of time and got bored of making it. In the last case that means a product will eventually come back into play again. 


How long does a bra take to make? 

It all depends on the complexity of the design. In general if a sewing pattern is already designed a bra can be constructed in about 4 hours from start to finish. Check our facebook page for some timelapse construction videos. 


I need my order yesterday, is this possible? 

I do allow rush orders for a fee. It is still not possible to travel back in time though. If you need your order very quickly, check the delivery page and send me an email before ordering to avoid disappointment. 


I'm a model/ blogger/ insta queen can I have freebies? 

Get in touch! I have a long standing 50% discount for models and bloggers who want to try Nearer The Moon. You will need to have very active social media accounts and followers with a strong look to your brand that fits well with Nearer The Moon. 


Lingerie Buying

How do I buy lingerie for my partner?

Talk to them! Or at least take note of what they usually wear and don't go too far from that... go for similar styles in different colours or fabric and vice versa and peek at the underwear they wear most often to get an idea of their current size. Alternatively buy a gift voucher! 


I have small boobs/ I'm losing weight/ I don't have anyone to show it to, why should I bother with lingerie? 

I believe everyone should wear things that make them feel nice. For me, that involves lingerie. Why wait until this or that happens or exclude yourself from a whole world of beautiful things just because you don't think you fit the ideal of someone who enjoys lingerie should look like - rubbish! And if you need any inspiration of awesome women wearing lingerie for the hell of it, check out the #lingerielove and #lingerieaddict hashtags on instagram! 


How do I find my bra size?

This is very subjective and a contentious subject in lingerie circles! Here at Nearer The Moon, I use the following and tell customers to use the same:

  • Use a fabric tape measure
  • Take a tight measurement in inches around your rib cage where your breasts meet your torso. This is your band measurement, or the numbers in a bra size: 32x, 36xx etc. 
  • Take a snug (but not squishy!) measurement in inches around the fullest part of your chest. In most this will be where your nipple sits, if you have breasts that are full on the top or bottom or don't have nipples, stand sideways in a mirror and measure around the part of your breasts that are furthest away from your body. 
  • Now get ready for some maths! Take the first number (the tight ribcage measurement) and subtract it from the second measurement. The number you are left with now relates to a cup size. E.g. if you got 0, you have an AA cup size, if you got 3 you have a C cup size. 
  • At Nearer The Moon our sizes are: AA, A ,B ,C ,D ,DD ,E ,F ,G 
  • Remember that this is not a hard and fast rule many factors can affect the bra size you actually end up wearing such as weight, disabilities, personal preference, fabrics and brand. 


I'm "xyz" size with "abc" brand, so I will be the same size everywhere else, right?

No, I'm afraid not. Many brands still use the "+ 4 method" of measuring to create their bra sizes, some use the "+2", & I use the "+0" which can lead to wide disparity of sizes. Additionally in the USA, DDD is a size which throws off the whole sizing scale. It's always best to check with a new company before buying. 


General Lingerie

Do knickers go over or under suspender belts?

This is a totally personal choice, but my preference is knickers over belt, this is so you can use the bathroom easily and it helps keep rogue suspender straps in place. 


What's the best way to wash lingerie?

Hand wash! Use cool water, a gentle detergent and no scrubbing. Then lay your lingerie on a flat surface and let it dry naturally.


How do pasties and tassels stick? 

For bedroom use you can use double sided, toupee or tit tape, professional dancers and those who wear pasties in more public settings the go to adhesive is liquid latex (like you attach false eyelashes with). 


How do shelf and cupless bras look when you have large breasts?

This really depends on how heavy your breasts are. Even with small breasts, if the tissue is not self supporting there will be some spillage over the cups or band. 


What does ouvert mean exactly? 

This can mean many things as it has been adopted by the lingerie industry over the last few years. It can be backless, crotchless, frontless or everythingless! Here at Nearer The Moon it usually means that it has an open crotch with some or all of the back open too. 


Can I wear handmade lingerie everyday? 

Yes! I get asked this a lot in terms of how durable handmade lingerie is. There should be no drop in quality just because a piece has been made by an indie brand instead of in a factory. In some cases, handmade lingerie lasts longer as seamstresses have more time to check for loose threads can use more sturdy construction techniques such as french seams instead of overlocking. 


How do I get more wear out of my lingerie? 

With special pieces I like to layer - a lot! Beautiful bras under sheer tops, open cup bras over soft bras, stockings over tights, bodysuits under jeans. And remember you don't have to wear lingerie for anyone else to see. Just knowing you have it on under an outfit can brighten your day! 

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