Lingerie Secret Santa Part 2

Our Secret Santa gift arrived last week and we couldn't be more pleased! 

The present arrived not only sealed with Christmas Pangolin* tape, but also each item was individually wrapped with Christmas Pangolin paper. The box was scattered with very "on trend" festive copper discs and our gift giver included a couple of super cool postcards and stickers.

*explanation of the pangolin can be found at Kiss Me Deadly here

So... Who was our Secret Santa 2016?!


Based in Berlin, Germany, Tightlaced Lingerie is run by Sabrina (so please excuse any misinformation - I've relied on Google Translate for this little run down of the brand). Tightlaced was founded in 2015 and in just 2 years, she has created a stylish and on trend brand. 

The brand believes in creating easy to size but customisable garments and specialises in bondage inspired pieces that work well together or with other brand's lingerie. Garments are all made in Berlin so you can ensure ethical manufacturing processes. 

And what did we get?! 

Sabrina was very generous, sending me four incredible styles that I know I will wear again and again. 

Firstly the Justice XI bodysuit, made from soft mesh, stretch lace and with a super lovely cross over strap at the back. It has a gorgeous plunging neckline and I would love to show you pics but due to my horrific tan lines right now you can see it expertly modelled by @das_sommerle below. 

Next I was gifted three things which I immediately put on all at once (including one of them back to front I was so excited). The Y-Knot bra harness, Foolish Man knicker and a new style the X knot harness knicker

All the strappy pieces are fully adjustable giving you the option of a totally smooth silhouette or creating a little squidge here and there for more of a Shibari inspired look. 

Thanks to Sabrina for such a wonderful gift and please make sure to go and take a look at all the other beautiful things Tightlaced has to offer. 




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