Nearer The Moon in 2017

So here is a more personal post than we usually put out to give our customers and fans some insight into what's going on behind the scenes and how that will influence the brand over the first half of 2017. 

After our foray into bricks and mortar retail last year, which was ultimately hugely fun and broadened our customer base and understanding of the perception of our brand, it was also completely exhausting. I found myself making things I thought would sell rather than being true to what Nearer The Moon represents, it was a case of compromising on the aesthetic so I could pay the next weeks rent for the space. Ultimately sales suffered and the online business suffered.

This is partly why there has been no Spring/ Summer range so far this year, I am spending my designing time researching and sketching and going through old ranges to get back to what works and be true to the motifs that I love. Creating sketchbooks, mood boards and fabric samples to create truly luxury pieces once more.

Another reason there has been no SS17 range is I'm getting married in April this year - with all the organisation that entails! This will be followed by a short sabbatical/honeymoon to reboot and come back to the brand fresh and reinvigorated. 

This means from the end of this week (7th March), Nearer The Moon will no longer be working on a "made to order" basis, until May 2017 at least. I have so much beautiful stock in a wide range of sizes which I will put up on this site and our Etsy site.

I plan to reinstate made to order pieces in early May but will be discontinuing some ranges like the Geiger, Willa and Trouble and introducing new ones throughout the rest of the year instead of a big release twice a year. 

All orders made between now and May 31st will be shipped the first week of June at the very latest. Please consider this if you are ordering for a specific occasion. 

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