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Tastefully Erotic Lingerie

16 May '16

Custom Lingerie from Nearer The Moon

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Did you know that here at Nearer The Moon we can offer custom made lingerie?

Thanks to all designing and manufacturing taking place in house, we can alter patterns, use different fabrics or just change the colours of ribbons usually without any extra charge to you. 

The Possibilities

Pictured above is the Geiger Overwire Bra and Bloomers in a lace fabric selected by the customer. 


This is a blue version of the Spanking Shorts with a custom triangle bra to match. 


For customers outside of our normal size range, we have made custom garments like this crop top in a 30GG so she had a top to wear with our bunny tie side knickers. 

We also take great delight in creating completely unique pieces with careful planning, fit sessions if possible and the chance for you to receive samples of the fabrics for approval. 

This is now worn by a showgirl in Miami, a powernet base with carefully draped and handstitched fringing and wide metallic bands to hug the body. 


This was possible our most "out there" custom garment for a bride who wanted to surprise her husband on their wedding night. She wanted to buy something for him that was still luxury fabrics, a custom fit and was ethically made. 

The Process

You can start the process of ordering a custom garment with a simple e-mail to tilly@nearerthemoon.com.

The more information you can give, the smoother the whole process becomes but it's a good idea to start with garments of ours that have caught your eye and are the most similar to what you want to order. 

Vintage lingerie images are helpful if that's what you require but please don't send images of another company's lingerie as we will have to decline copying someone else.

Sketches are also really fun and very helpful to receive. 

Measurements are necessary to start the designing process so we can deal with any structural needs from the start - usually a dress size and bra size will suffice at this stage.

Then the fun part - we sketch out your ideas for you and send them back for approval - usually within a week or so. See below for some examples of sketches...

Burlesque costumes, with pricing and annotation to help decide between designs.


This customer wanted lots of detail heavy designs with bold colours to choose from. 


This set sadly never got made - what a shame! It was a take on the Overwire bra to match a burlesque act. 

Once the sketch is approved or the design has been selected you will be asked to provide specific measurements - best taken with a fabric tape measure. Alternatively if you are London based we can come and fit you at home or work. 

For a small fee we send out fit samples - this is useful for costumes in particular - so you can be sure you will be happy with the finished product. 

Custom items generally take 6-8 weeks to complete so we can source the exact components and make sure the fit is perfect so if you are planning on ordering your own bespoke lingerie be sure to leave enough time! 

We have had so many happy customers who have ordered custom garments from Nearer The Moon - here is a link to a review on The Lingerie Addict by Holly from Full Figured Chest - she ordered a completely custom robe in bespoke sizing. 

Above is a review of the Lana Bodysuit in a bespoke 18-20 sizing.

For more examples of custom work take a look at this facebook album and feel free to contact us with any enquiries for custom lingerie. 




01 Apr '16

Nearer The Moon X Burlexe


You might have seen a lot of talk about burlesque show and brand Burlexe on our social media recently and wondered what it was all about, well here's a little explanation! 

We have been working behind the scenes with Burlexe intermittently over the last three years, first providing them with nipple pasties for their online store, then a special version of our quarter cup bra in their classic pink and black colour way adorned with mini jet black Swarovski crystals. 


Burlexe took a little break over the last year, perfecting the acts, changing the venue and (here's where we come in!) creating a set of costumes based on a modern interpretation of vintage styles, much like the ethos of the whole show.



We worked with Howard, the producer, to develop a four piece capsule collection that was versatile for the performers and would be suitable for patrons wanting a taste of the burlesque action to purchase after the show. 

The show debuted last night at Cecils, London, UK to great success! Compere Kele Le Roc wore every single piece (what a star!), burlesque artist Peggy De Lune wore the V wire bodysuit whilst teaching audience members the tricky art of glove removal and Emma Fisher wore the Bullet Bra to great effect during her slam poetry act. 

We will be releasing details on how you can buy these show stopping pieces as soon as possible! 


Images of Kele by www.vastudio.co.uk


13 Dec '14

Lingerie Secret Santa

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This year, Nearer The Moon got involved with something we eyed up with envy from the sidelines last year... Lingerie Secret Santa! 
Organised by Karolina Laskowska and Angela Friedman, the lingerie secret santa draws out us indie designers who have been working hard since at least July (usually longer!) on our Christmas collections and treats us all to the thing we love most - creative freedom to design something or select something for a fellow lingerie lover! 
It's also a great way for us to spread the word about ourselves and other independent brands whilst creating original content to share with you all! 
Without giving too much away, we were sent our recipient's preferences and sizes and got to work on something super special that we hope she loves! Here's some sneak peaks of the set as we know all the other designers are watching out for the Lingerie Secret Santa posts and we don't want to spoil their surprise when they realise the package is from Nearer The Moon.
We took the pattern for our Quarter Cup Bra and used some gorgeous embroidered and sequinned tulle in lots of different ways to give a retro look. The wings are made from stretch polka dot mesh. As always, the bra is finished with a silky big bow in the centre. 
The cradle was made from non sequinned parts of the fabric to ensure comfort. 
The full briefs also only used non-sequinned panels so they are easier to care for and have a stretch mesh back for comfort. These were a new shape for us as the recipient doesn't like thongs or high waisted so we thought a vintage style full brief would work well here. 
We finished the set with a matching retro look four strap suspender belt from our Rosie Suspender Belt pattern with wide straps. Using the most ornate part of the fabric for the centre non stretch panel and the spotted mesh for the other parts. 
All wrapped and ready to go, we're hoping our parcel arrives with our recipient next week! 
Here are all the other brands taking part, have a look through their sites and see if you can work out where our secret santa gift is headed to... 
24 Jun '14

Pop Up Market Sample sale

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So our sample sale at McQueen's in London last weekend has finally finished and we
promise to stop spamming your social media with all the details! 

It was a fun day and although none of the vendors had anywhere near the sales we expected
I met some lovely people and now we have lots of beautiful one of a kind pieces of lingerie
and accessories to sell in a sample sale thanks to having no storage space! 




So, just like the pop up market, everything is under £50 (in fact most things are £20 and under).
There's detailed sizing information on each product page but feel free to
e-mail tilly@nearerthemoon.com for additional measurements etc. 
We will be doing another pop up with Wasted Chic in September and we can't wait!